Introduction: Basis for Examination  

The following quotes form the basis of our examination of the INC:

1. "Satan is the father of the art of speaking, teaching, from self, and he has agents who cater to his will, so he is called "the father of lies". It is, therefore, incumbent upon the seeker of truth to investigate the teachings of a church, for, once a man is led astray and dies as one deceived, the lake of fire is his inevitable destiny, as the scripture points out."

Pasugo, March 1966, page. 47

2. "The truth man must know in order to be saved is the word of God (cf. John 17:17). Thus, man must learn to examine and discern carefully the teachings he hears from various preachers in light of the Holy Scriptures and determine which is the truth."

Pasugo, Oct. 1998, page 5

3. "God reveals the meaning of His words to His messengers by means of the Holy Spirit (2Peter 1: 20-22), and the proof that the messengers were taught by the Holy Spirit is that their teachings never contradict one another."

Church Of Christ: 25 Years In The West, page 24

In short:

  1. Are God's messengers honest? Have they practiced deception?
  2. Are their teachings from God — based on the Bible?
  3. Have they contradicted one another?

Please consider these questions as you view this examination of the INC. Do they qualify as "God's Messengers", or something completely different?



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