Introduction: Before you start  

Before you start, please read the following piece of helpful information:

Our examination of the INC is based mainly upon articles taken from their official magazine Pasugo (God's Message). With exception of quotes in the introduction and certain supplemental references thereafter, the posting of our findings was accomplished by scanning portions of the magazine itself or from photocopies. In some cases, we altered the scanned copies' columns or margins of text so as to fit the format of the screen. For instance, text in the bottom left column of an article would be "stacked" on top of text in the top right column, making for one easily formatted and readable column instead of two. We regret that some of the scanned material is slightly blurred or faint.

The main points of study are underlined or circled for emphasis, and the issue date and page number are provided for each citation. Please be encouraged to acquire and research the magazines themselves should any questions arise. Unless indicated otherwise, all scripture references are taken from the New King James Version of the Bible.

This web site is not meant to provide an exhaustive account of the history or doctrines of the INC. We regret that we can't submit the entirety of our findings in this limited space; thus, unfortunately, many notable considerations painfully suffered the "editor's knife". Though this site does not do justice to examine the enormity of questionable teachings of the INC, we hope that what is presented is sufficient to challenge their claim as the "only true church" and the "only means by which a man may be saved".



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