Millions, or Thousands?

In the fiftieth Anniversary Edition Pasugo, July 1964, the editorial headline boldly makes claim to "Millions" of members.

Though the present membership may surpass two million, did the INC, in the 1960's under the new leadership of Eraño Manalo, really count in the millions? What is the truth?

In An Appraisal of the Iglesia ni Cristo, author Albert J. Sanders states:

"Although Eraño Manalo declared in 1963 that the membership of the Iglesia was 3,500,000, many informed observers dispute this claim and regard this figure as grossly inflated. The 1960 census registered 270,104 members of the Iglesia. The members are concentrated in the greater Manila area, especially in the Rizal province."

Elesterio adds:

"By 1968 membership was estimated at 500,000. From the figures of the 1970 census, INK membership in the Philippines is around 475,407."

1970: "Thousands?" Is this a retraction of the INC, due to observers' criticisms?



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Why can't God's Messengers get their own facts straight?
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