When did Manalo claim to be the "Messenger of the Far East" of Revelation 7:2,3?

Under the heading "The calling of Manalo" dated November, 1913, in the May/June 1986 Pasugo, we read the following:

Pasugo, May/June 1986, page 7 Pasugo, May/June 1986, page 8

The Pasugo states that a "Church Minister" [whoever that is] related Manalo's three-day closet experience to the now cardinal doctrine of the INC that Manalo is "God's Messenger from the Far-East", in their private interpretation of Revelation 7:2,3. What they won't tell you is that Manalo didn't introduce this doctrine until after the church split over charges of immorality against him in 1922. Author Donald Platt (Counterfeit? 1981, page 87-88) gives His opinion:

"During this time, charges of immorality were lodged against Manalo, and some members left the church. The most serious of these defections was the "Ora Rebellion" of 1922, led by Teofilo Ora and Basilio Santiago, resulting in the loss of the congregations in Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. One result of this challenge to Manalo's authority was the development of the "Sugo" teaching, in which Felix claimed to be the fulfillment of a prophecy in Rev. 7:1-3, the "angel ascending from the rising of the sun". Since no other church had a leader who was the fulfillment of prophecy, then the Iglesia ni Kristo was the only true church, with God's only true messenger. This teaching helped firmly establish Manalo's authority over the church."

In fact, this doctrine was not added to the church's Articles of Incorporation until the amended version in 1948.

Besides the questionable placement of this account in the 1986 Pasugo article, was this really a commission from God, or was Manalo's claim as "God's Messenger" an attempt to strengthen his authority over his remaining followers?

By the way, is this really the "Heaven's ultimate epistle to mankind"?

"Brother Felix Y. Manalo...did not invent any teaching. Nor did he teach any man-made doctrine. True to his calling as God's messenger he preached nothing but the words of God written in the Bible."

"He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but He who seeks the glory of the One who sent Him is true, and no unrighteous is in Him"

Pasugo, February 1954, page 41  

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