Did God's messengers lie to us concerning Felix Manalo's education?
In the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition of the Pasugo, July 1964, page 182, we find this statement:



INC critic and author Fernando Elesterio investigated this claim, and wrote:
  "In 1919, Felix left for the United States to pursue biblical studies. He allegedly enrolled at the "Pacific School of Religion in California", which, according to information, is a congregational school in Berkeley. The Iglesia has not presented any documents to support the claim, although evidences to the contrary have been uncovered; for example, Felix's name appears neither in the enrollment list of that year nor in the list of alumni."
  Three Essays on Philippine Religious Culture, F. G. Elesterio, 1989, page 22
Wanting to verify this matter for ourselves, we inquired of the Pacific School of Religion's enrollment department concerning Manalo's status- Here's their reply:
Notice the Pasugo May/June 1986, page 10, statement concerning Manalo's education:
  "A" school? What school?
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